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[content_box title=”Residental Work” icon=”tablet” image=”” link=”” linktarget=”” linktext=”Learn More”]Is that power point OR light giving you problems? Does your rented property require electrical repairs? Are you a builder needing high-quality electrical services for the right price?[/content_box]
[content_box title=”Commercial Work” icon=”thumbs-up” image=”” link=”” linktarget=”” linktext=”Learn More”]When time and cost considerations are paramount to your businesses profitability, Symmetry Electrical has the knowledge and expertise to deliver on time, on budget electrical solutions.
[content_box title=”Data Services” icon=”magic” image=”” link=”” linktarget=”” linktext=”Learn More”]NBN? Internal voice and data cabling? Additional TV points or antenna installation? As ACRS Master Cablers, Symmetry Electrical can optimise the performance of any home or office communications network.[/content_box]